Public IPv4|v6 Address


Multiple command line HTTP clients are supported, including curl, httpie, GNU Wget and fetch.

CLI examples:

$ curl

$ http -b

$ wget -qO-

$ fetch -qo-

Country lookup:

$ http
United States

City lookup:

$ http

JSON output:

$ http
    "city": "Ashburn",
    "country": "United States",
    "hostname": "",
    "ip": "",
    "ip_decimal": 66009799

Setting the Accept header to application/json also works.

Plain output:

Always returns the IP address including a trailing newline, regardless of user agent.

$ http

Test firewall ports:

$ http
    "ip": "",
    "port": 8080,
    "reachable": false


Is using this service from automated scripts/tools permitted?

Yes, as long as the rate limit is respected. Please limit automated requests to 1 per second (1 req/s). No guarantee is made for requests that exceed this limit. They may be rate-limited (429 or 1015 response code) or dropped entirely.

Can I run my own service?

Yes, the source code and documentation is available on GitHub